Monday, September 17, 2012

What we'll miss the most

We wish we had these two little guys for our Captains this year but their Mom and Dad's need them at home.  I guess the hardest thing about being gone for an extended time is leaving the family.  We will miss our sons, their wives and of course our two grandsons more than anything.

In the last week I've completed all but 2 of our "must do" projects on the boat.  We have begun to stage items that need to go with us in the laundry room.  Once I finish replacing the fresh water tank sensor and put the Vee berth back together we'll start hauling everything down and finding places to store it and then probably forget where.

The weather here in Edenton is starting to look like the beginning of Fall.  The nights are cooling off to the mid 50's and the humidity has finally started to diminish.  We look forward to traveling south without hot steamy days and sweltering nights.  Plans haven't changed and sometime around the 1st week in October we hope to be back on the water.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Ready to leave 2012-2013

We've been working quite hard to get ready for our next trip south.  All the teak has received a fresh coat of Teak Oil and inside cleaned of all the dust and debris from basically sitting for over a year in the slip.  We had some mechanical problems addressed while in Virginia for a very short trip in July.  Fuel and water tanks have been topped off and only a couple of minor repairs still need to be finished. Provisioning has been started and already we are wondering where to put everything.  Plans are to leave some time around the first week in October and come back home to Edenton about the end of April or the beginning of May.  We will try to post on this Blog as time allows to let you know where and what we are doing.