Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free At Last

After 22 days of hospital confinement, umpteen lab tests, X-rays, CT scan, numerous IV antibiotic infusions and countless respiratory inhalation treatments Lynn passed muster and was granted permission to leave.  Since my last post she was moved from the room with a view to another room where she was able to admire the air conditioning units on the roof all day.  For the past week she was self sufficient and almost able to give herself the meds.  One day she even went in the hall and got her own dinner tray off the cart because the staff was too slow.  Needless to say all the nurses wanted her as a patient as she required almost no upkeep!!!  She is back on the boat and after 24 hours doing well at adjusting to the routine a float.  We have follow up appts for her this coming Friday to see what the future holds.  We are hopeful that we will be able to continue our trip but stay in the States in case more medical attention would ever be needed.
     We spent both Christmas and New Years with each other and that is a good thing compared to the alternative.  On Christmas day we had the opportunity to do Skype video calls with both Todd and Jeremy.  It was so nice to talk face to face with them and to be able to see our fantastic grandsons.  We miss all of them so much but they seem to be doing just fine without Nana and Pop Pop’s spoiling.
     During my stay here on the mooring ball, I was able to meet up with some friends.   Bill and Terri stopped by for a night before going to the Bahamas.  Bill and Bette were so nice to invite me over for dinner one night.  Bill and Bette are friends from a previous trip to the Bahamas.  Bill and Terri are members of our sailing association in the Chesapeake Bay.  Also Glenn and Dorothy surprised Lynn with a visit at the hospital before they left for the Bahamas.  I’d like to thank all of you that sent messages asking about Lynn and for all of your thoughts and prayers.  As you can see, they worked.  Thank You !!!!!
     In between trips to the hospital every day I was able to find places for us to visit by bus once Lynn feels up to getting off the boat with the doctors permission.  Several restaurants, parks and a couple of museums await us.  But all of that will wait till my best friend is back in good health and ready.
     No pictures for this posting but I hope to have several to add to this Blog the next time.  Looking forward to seeing my brother Kevin and Tracey in Marathon, if we make it that far, to do some SCUBA diving.  

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  1. So glad to hear Lynn is out and doing better. We are trudging away here. We hope you two can stick around until we come back and will try to get together for a visit.