Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 14 on s/v twomorrows

     It’s been a very relaxing week here at the mooring field.  Lynn has been behaving herself by spending her time reading and doing crosswords.  A few naps here and there to regain strength and most of all keeping me company.  The last 3 plus weeks became very boring being on the boat by myself when not at the hospital.  The weather has been warm but very windy and we are glad to be safely attached to a mooring ball.  Winds have been from 15-25 knots constantly with gusts of maybe 30 every so often.  The long range forecast has the same outlook till maybe Wednesday of next week. It’s also nice to cook for more than just myself and Lynn enjoys having something other than the hospital chow.

 The Dinghy Dock at Dinner Key
A Manatee that wouldn't go away from behind my dinghy

     I discovered a Farmer’s Market that sets up on Saturdays nearby and have made two trips for produce.  The selection is huge and the prices are very low.  We've been able to enjoy fresh vegetables almost every night along with our meals.  I made a great stir fry the other night with some fresh shrimp we had frozen just before the holidays.  I took a day trip on the bus to a SCUBA shop looking for a full wet suit only to find the place was just a small operation with no inventory.  At least it gave Lynn some time to take a decent nap without me bothering her.

    The Farmer's Market on Grand Ave. in Coconut Grove

  On Thursday she had a follow up appointment with the pulmonologist that attended to her while hospitalized.  He said she was doing extremely well and didn't need to see her again.  She is to continue the meds given on discharge until they are finished and keep relaxing for another week or two.  Our plans are now to stay in Miami till about 1 Feb and then head down towards the Keys.  We will probably go to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon for a month before moving either to Key West or maybe start slowly back north.  We would like to meet up with Laura and Graeme when they return from the Bahamas and continue our trek with them towards home in April.  My brother Kevin is making plans to visit us while in Marathon with hopes of doing some diving and sightseeing.
     There are several sailing schools located around Dinner Key.  While Lynn was in the hospital we were able to look out the window and sometimes see as many as 50 or more small sailboats in the bay.  While in the mooring field we see them up close.  They sail through the field and in between the boats in order to get out and back from their lessons.  It’s really a sight to watch them weave around the big boats tied to the balls.  And we have never seen anything even close to a collision.  They must be learning well, eh?

Sailboats going through the mooring field returning back to the docks after their lessons

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